About the Book

Letters to Young Black Women
by Daniel Whyte III, with Meriqua & Daniella Whyte

Daniel Whyte III never intended to write a book to young black women. He believes, according to the Scriptures, that the older women should teach the younger women. However, after Letters to Young Black Men: Advice & Encouragement for a Difficult Journey became a bestselling book, readers requested that Whyte write a book for young black women as well. He prayed about it, and was led to do so. Regarding the purpose of this book, Whyte states:

This book is more about prevention than it is about healing. There are many other great men and women of God who are doing great work in the healing and restoration department for young black women. I believe that many of the problems that young black women are dealing with today can be prevented from happening in the first place. I also believe that in order for young women to be victorious in this life, they must operate from a position of strength and power. This book will empower them to win against their enemies: the devil, sorry men, and even themselves. I hope that they will read it and never live a defeated life again.

Daniel Whyte III writes a heartfelt book to his daughters and to other young black women, on the various issues of life that they face today. Whyte actually commenced the writing of this book from his hospital bed during a routine stay for chest pains. Symbolically, if Daniel Whyte III were on his deathbed, the words contained in this book are those that he would say to his six daughters. Written just for the young black woman in your life, whether you are a father, mother, grandparent, or Sunday school teacher, Letters to Young Black Women is overflowing with loving, fatherly, “advice and encouragement for a difficult journey.”

Price: $12.95
ISBN: 0976348764
Number of Pages: 260
Publication Date: August 2006

What People are Saying About Letters to Young Black Women:

“Next to the Bible, Letters to Young Black Women is a must read for young women.”
– Dr. B. Fishburne
Columbia, South Carolina

“I recently purchased Lettersto Young Black Women and have to say I was pleased with thecontent. I plan on buying a few more copies to give to the young black females I teach. I have also read Letters to Young Black Men andpurchased a few copies for the young black males I teach. As a young, educated, single, African-American woman raising a young girl, I amconstantly searching for guidance. I, myself, struggled as a young girl(born to two mentally ill parents; raised in a variety of foster homes) to avoid the many pitfalls that young women are faced with today. Itwas only through constant prayer, protection from the Lord, education and research that I was able to overcome a variety of challenges. I believethat this will be a great book for me to share with my daughter and nieces. It is sad to say, but books like yours are all I have to offermy child from a father’s point of view. It is a wonderful start and hopefully I will be able to break the chain and cultivate a group of young ladies who have the know how and strength to operate from a position of strength and power.

“Thanks again for writing such a wonderful book that I believe has the power to help many young women simply based onthe fact that your thoughts are so resounding that they almost walk across the page and whisper into the reader’s ears.”
– L. Robinson
Pittsburgh, PA

“I have read your books entitled: Letters to Young Black Men and Letters to Young Black Women. Ienjoyed them both tremendously. I could really relate to Letters to Young Black Women because I am a young black woman, attending Florida A&M University ina MBA Program on a full scholarship, and reaching graduation shortly at the age of 19. I agree with your opinion on women being knowledgeable and sharing that knowledge with others. I feel that education isextremely important and even at a young age I am trying to developcreative ways to share that knowledge with my fellow young black sisters. Your book hits on so many good points. I wish I had the time to discuss them all, but time is of the essence. I pray that yourministry will continue to flourish and grow because your words of wisdom to young ladies are vital. I grew up with biblical teaching from many women, but to hear a man’s point of view showed me a different light of things. The chapter “Beware of the Dogs” is AWESOME! You are so right about the different breeds of dogs out there. That chapter really took my blinders off to see these dogs for the dogs they are.Your book helped me to re-think a few areas in my 5 and 10 year plans. I just wanted you to know that your male perspective was a great help to me and may have kept me from destruction. God really works in mysterious ways and I’m glad to be His daughter. Just to let you know, your book is a key tool in our ‘Generation to Generation’ ministry. My mother and I travel around dancing and talking to young and old women about their spiritual beauty. Your book is so on time.”
– R. Jefferson
Student, Florida A&M University
Tallahassee, Florida

“I want to say that your two books Letters To Young Black Women and Letters To Young Black Men, are an inspiration to me. I have just started reading a lot of Christian books and your books caught my eye when I was in the grocery store shopping and saw the book Letters To Young Black Women on the stand. I bought it and started reading it andfound myself in that book. After I finished reading the book, I noticed that you had one out for young black men as well. I bought it and finished reading it, and through it you have given me so many tips on young black men. I thought that since I am a single parent raising two young men that they needed to read the book Letters to Young Black Men. Once they have finished reading the book I will be asking them some questions on how they interpreted the reading of the book. I thank God for your inspiration on writing these books. God Bless you and your family who took the time out to help you write it and give you some pointers on writing the Letters to Young Black Women. GOD BLESS.”
T. Davis

“I picked up a copy of your book, Letters to Young Black Women, as stocking stuffers for the young women in my life, and I found it to be most enjoyable even at my age! I loved the book recommendations at the end of each chapter, most of which I have read. Kudos to Mr.Whyte!”
– S. Graham
Carol Stream, Illinois

“All praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is indeed an honor to know the Whyte family and to be considered a part of such a family circle. I pray that God would continuously bless your family and your ministry. I’m persuaded and motivated to keep living and spreading this glorious gospel. I just wanted to say thank you personally. Because of your wonderful books and their foundational teachings seeds are being planted across the world. As a young, educated, single, African-American woman who’s constantly searching for guidance, God sent Rev. Daniel Whyte III into my life at the most opportune time. I praise God for him as he has helped shape and mold me into the person and/or lady I have become. I admire his wisdom and servitude. He’s undeniably a great Shepherd of God who’s concerned about the sheep in God’s pastures; even those that have strayed away. I’m thankful that Rev. Whyte and his family are obedient to the Spirit and because of this his ministry will continue to flourish.”
– J. Neblett
Fort Worth, TX


Letters to Young Black Women is available in fine bookstores everywhere, and on numerous online bookstores.
Order it online at: TorchLegacy.com | Amazon.com | BarnesandNoble.com | CBD.com | Target.com | Borders.com | BlackCBC.com

Click Here to Read the Following Excerpts from Letters to Young Black Women (PDF)

  • Introduction to Letters to Young Black Women
  • Letter1: From My Heart
  • Letter21: Above All, Get Wisdom and Understanding

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