Woman to Woman by Michelle McKinney Hammond

2 Oct

Ladies, can we talk? Talk about why women are frustrated and men are confused? Talk about where we lost our way and what that really means? Talk about where all the good men have gone and why so many are wandering? Let’s talk about the fine print we’ve neglected to read and how much that oversight has cost us. About the power that we’ve thrown to the wind. About what’s happening to our relationships. Our children. Our hearts. Our bodies. Our souls. Let’s talk about how the art of being a woman has become a near-extinct and priceless treasure. And how those who stumble across it treat it as an antique they don’t know the value of—tossing it aside, preferring the newer, more streamlined, cheaper model of so-called liberation. Funny how you never realize the value of Grandma’s brass bed until you get older and find out how much others are willing to pay for what we so easily discard.

As creation longs for the original plan of peaceful coexistence, the groans of weary women have come before the throne of God. The vicious cycle of men abdicating, women rising up, men fleeing, and women becoming embittered, hardened, and hopeless has tainted society and caused wonderment in the heavens. The lines are invisibly drawn, silently proclaiming war. Romance lies trampled underfoot and understanding lies shattered beneath hurled insults and accusations.

Ladies, can we talk? I mean talk without pretense, posturing, or qualifying. After all, real life is not a talk show. I often wonder if anyone is really tuned in to real life. I wonder if anyone is really seeing what we’re doing to one another. How we’re robbing one another. Hurting one another. Killing one another. The golden rule of “love your neighbor as you love yourself” has been broken, snapped over the knees of those determined to seize what they want in blind frustration with total disregard for the whole picture. Can we talk about getting off the merry-go-round? Can we talk woman-to-woman about how we’ve “lost it” and how to get “it” back?

Can we talk about calling a truce with one another—with our men—and finding ourselves again? Let’s talk about acknowledging
and learning to celebrate this simple fact—men and women are different. I long for all women to sink back into the glorious place of truly being women in the same way I long for a hot bath when all of my muscles are screaming. The warmth of the water closes over my limbs like a liquid blanket, wrapping itself around me, becoming intimate with every part of me. I do not recoil from this. Rather, I embrace it because it sets me free from pain, free from the struggle I’ve endured all day long. It defies my further efforts to stay afloat all by myself in the world. It gently invites me to let go. Let go of all I think I should be. Let go of the demands of others. Let go and just be. Just be a woman. Naked and unashamed. Warm and soft. Content in my liquid cocoon. Relaxed and unthreatened. Just a woman—lost in the oasis of being me. Ladies, can we talk—I mean really talk—about where we went wrong? Can we talk without shouting?

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Source: The Power of Being a Woman: Embracing the Triumph of the Feminine Spirit
by Michelle McKinney Hammond

Please visit www.michellehammond.com


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